Why Choose a Cantilever Carport?

Cantilever carports are one of the simplest of carport designs. They take up far less space than most carports as they have support poles only on one side, freeing up space on the other. If you prefer to maintain an open design that is simple in looks but serious in function, then you should seriously consider a cantilever carport.

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Benefits of Cantilever Carports

  • Minimalistic Design

    With no support posts on one side, cantilever carports create an open space without any unnecessary clutter. The look can enhance your home's visual appeal and blends with many architectural styles.

  • Weather Protection

    The Australian climate, particularly in the Brisbane area, can be harsh. Heatwaves and storms can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle. From cracks and peeling paint to hail damage, a cantilever carport can protect your car from the elements.

  • Vehicle Safety

    The risk of your vehicle getting broken into or stolen is greatly reduced when you store your vehicle in a carport. Since carports are usually located close to the home, it is much safer than parking on the street.

  • Enhanced Property Value

    A carport can increase the value of your property. Should you consider selling your home and moving somewhere else, a carport is an attractive feature for a potential buyer. If your home is a rental, it can also bring you more income when negotiating a rental price.

What Other Carport Designs Are There?

Quality Carports Brisbane manufactures and installs various types of carports. If the cantilever design is not the best solution for you, there are other options available.

You can choose from single, double, gable, skillion, and caravan carports, depending on your individual needs.

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